Thursday, August 6, 2015

Never Underestimate What Autism Can Become....

             It has been a while since I have posted a blog about my daughters journey. I have been experiencing a lot of emotions and an unfortunate loss. This year hasn't been so great because I lost the one person in my life that means so much to me... my dad. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions but I'm trying to get through it.
             I have to stay strong for my children. My daughter is going into kindergarten this September and I am so excited for her. She has come a long long way. She is talking completely and expressing herself so well. I can actually have a full conversation with her.
             It's great and I love it. She will still remain in a self contained autism program. There is still a long road ahead but we will get there when it's the right time. You can't push your kids learning because you want them to be where they are suppose to be.
             Autism takes time and it's worth the wait. My daughter has become more social and expresses her emotions very well. She plays very nice with others. She plays Dr. And says she is Dr. Kate. Lol.
            She cares about everyone's feelings and is always trying to cheer them up. I love my daughter. I wouldn't change anything and I would do it all over again. Sometimes in life things happen and it hits you really bad but I've learned that you have to continue on.
              Never forget what has happened but look back and remember the memories and the good times. My children are what is helping me get through the loss of my dad.  I know my dad is watching over us and smiling down and saying great job my little girl! Well I learned from the best!
               My middle child is going into 5th grade and my son is starting high school. Time goes by fast. The kids grow up too fast. Life goes by too fast that's why you have to deal with the bad to enjoy the good. I hope you enjoy reading my post.

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